The KGOIII method is documented in a Thesis.

The KGOIII method is protected by patents.

The KGOIII method has been used by the Swedish Road Autorities to produce approximately asphalt for pavings for more than 100 different locations. Each observer who notes that ageing KGOIII pavings remain free from defects provides further confirmation of the method’s efficacy in the form of another new experience. As numerous observers have reported the same positive experience, their observations, taken together, contribute to an incremental process of scientific endorsement of the theories.

The Swedish Road Authority (Trafikverket) has been documenting the KGOIII method for many years.

In 1998, the Swedish Road Authorities started to test the method in specific projects. The KGOIII method has been documented by the Swedish Road Authorities (VTI and Trafikverket).

The Swedish Road Authorities has a licens agreement and are using the KGOIII method on regular basis throughout the country in nation wide projects.

By Kristina Martinsson, the Swedish Road Autorities.

  • Well documented technique that has been developed in several stages
  • Instructions are part of Trafikverkets regulations
  • Implementation is in progress
  • Low temperature (mix temperature 130°C)
  • Correctly mixed, the KGOIII method results in a very homogeneous mix with low risk for separations
  • Increased life cycle (thanks to the homogeneous state of suspension)äggningar.pdf